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3 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your A/C Filter Regularly

3 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your A/C Filter Regularly

You don't need to read a blog post to know it is scorching out there. It's Summer… in Florida, with the thermometer regularly topping out in the mid to upper nineties.

So, what's our point?

We're not weather forecasters, so you're not here to learn about the summer heat. We do, however, specialize in keeping your home's air conditioning system working in tip-top shape. This ensures you and your family keep cool and comfortable through the summer and, frankly, all year round here on the Gulf Coast. A big part of that is performing some regular maintenance on your HVAC that keeps it running strong. The easiest and most effective way to do that is something you can do on your own - and that's changing the filter.

Will changing the filter really make a difference?

Indeed. Absolutely. One hundred percent, yes. Clogged air filters are the most common problem affecting the functionality of HVAC systems. They are also the most ignored or neglected component that in fact needs the most attention. But before we get into the details of why it's so important to change your filter, we want you to know how to do it.

Size matters.

Replacing your filter begins with learning the correct size for your system. From there, you can find the right fit at any home improvement store, online or even in most grocery stores. Some of the most popular filter options include fiberglass, disposable, washable and reusable. Each of these filters has different advantages. It's important to note the type of filter that is recommended by your HVAC system's manufacturer. If you don't know how to find the right size and style for your HVAC, ask your technician on your next maintenance visit.

Now the reasons…

Ok, we kept you reading long enough. Here are three major reasons why you need to keep up with replacing your A/C filter to stay cool and comfy this summer:

Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Cleaning your filter is an important step in ensuring that you have healthy indoor air for you and your family. Filters blocked with dust, dander and dirt won't function properly, causing the air in your home to be stagnant and unhealthy. If you change your filters on a regular basis, you will improve your air quality, as the filters keeps allergens out of the air. For those with allergies, this can be extremely beneficial by minimizing irritations.

Enhance Your Cooling System's Efficiency

Nobody likes higher energy bills. When you replace your air filters regularly, it will keep your system running more efficiently by preventing blockage. If your A/C has to work harder to keep up with your cooling requirements, it will consume more energy than necessary and affect your power bill.

Extend Your System's Life

Along with routine inspections and maintenance, replacing your air filter on a regular basis can help extend the life of your system. As we just mentioned, a dirty filter means that your system has to work extra hard to cool your home. Not only does this lead to inefficiency and greater utility bills, it can also cause your system to overheat and burn out. The excess strain placed on the blower and the entire HVAC can lead to the system breaking down completely. A small cost for that new filter now is far better than a large price to pay later on.

The Badger Bottom Line

It's going to be hot this summer, so you want to make sure your cooling system is working right to keep you cool and comfortable. The easiest way to ensure that is by regularly replacing your air filter. If it's too late and you need a new A/C installed, we've got you covered - fast! Right now, you can have a brand-new A/C system installed by the next day - or we'll give you $250 toward the cost of that unit. That's right! Restrictions do apply, so give us a call or visit us HERE to learn more!