Life’s a Breeze. What’s the Life Expectancy of Your Florida Air Conditioner?

According to the US Department of Energy, the average lifespan of the standard air-conditioning system in the United States ranges between 13 and 15 years. You read that right.

If your experience as a homeowner on the Suncoast has shown you a somewhat less favorable life expectancy for an air conditioner, don’t despair.

It’s not you, we promise.

We all know that Florida is anything but normal. So, the most important thing to realize about this finding by the US Department of Energy is that it averages data from all 50 states. Here in our home state – the SUNSHINE State – intense weather conditions, year-round high temperatures, salty breezes and more can reduce the life of the typical A/C unit by as much as 20 percent.


Wait… it gets worse?

If our math is correct, that means a Florida homeowner in the Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte county region can expect to replace their air-conditioning system after roughly 10 or so years from the original installation date. What’s more discouraging, there are certain factors that can shorten the life of an A/C unit even more, including:

  • Overuse: When an A/C system works harder to cool a room or a house, it causes undo stress on the entire system.
  • Outdoor Elements: Sun, sand and salt. Florida is beautiful, isn’t it? However, the elements we love about our state can affect our A/C units and prematurely wear out parts.
  • Lack of Routine Maintenance and Service: Due to the two items above, it’s crucial to be proactive about having a routine service and maintenance program. Simple things like replacing indoor air filters, cleaning the outside of the unit and bi-annual inspections help to prolong its lifespan. Bypassing service is a surefire way to expedite you’re A/C system’s demise.


Chin up… it gets better.

While our A/C systems here in Florida may have many factors working against them, there are ways to beat the odds. Believe it or not, it’s really not that difficult to keep your A/C running strong for many years – even in our hot, harsh weather environment. Here are some ways to combat the issues listed above:

  • Take it easy: You should be comfortable during the hotter months, not freezing. We recommend maintaining a conservative, comfortable temperature – so once your home is cooled, the A/C unit has an easier time keeping up. And change your filter regularly!
  • Limit exposure and remove debris: Florida’s sun and harsh weather elements are a major contributing factor to premature wear and tear for your outside A/C unit. Building or installing a protective shelter around the unit can provide some effective protection from exposure. Also, an air-conditioning unit works best when it breathes easy. Clear any dirt or debris from the outside vents. Sometimes a simple wash will do the job.
  • Get a maintenance plan: Here at Badger Bob’s, we have A/C maintenance plan options to suit just about any budget. Our certified, experienced A/C technicians come out twice a year to perform full 21-point inspections to make sure everything is ship-shape. Plus, priority service, reduced trip charges, standard HVAC filter changes and the 15 percent discount on any needed repairs make membership even more worthwhile.

Air Conditioning Service

The Badger Bottom Line

Thanks to the sun and other conditions, Florida air-conditioning systems simply don’t last as long as those in other states. But don’t start making those funeral arrangements just yet, because there are steps you can take to prolong your A/C system’s life. If your find that your unit has reached the end of its cooling career, Badger Bob’s not only provides excellent installation service, great specials on new units, and top-quality products to satisfy any demand, we ensure a smooth and rewarding start-to-finish project to keep you cool for years to come. Oh, and our new A/C systems come with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor.

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