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“Nice clogs!” – No one ever.
4 Signs (Other than Clogs) You Need Professional Drain Clearing

No one likes clogs. They are unsightly, inconvenient and often are a sign that you need professional help.

Sorry. At this point, we realize you may be unsure whether we’re referring to clogs of the wooden shoe variety or stopped drains. Allow us to clarify.

No One Likes Stopped Drains.

A homeowner can often tackle one simple clog on their own. However, if more than one of your plumbing fixtures becomes clogged at once, or a drain stoppage is too severe to solve without help, many know the right step to take is to call a drain cleaning service. While it’s tempting to pick up drain cleaner at the store and tackle the situation yourself, sometimes this can make the clog worse. So, we know that a bad clog means call the plumber. Would there be any other signs you need a professional to come out and perform a drain cleaning?

Sink Plunger

We’re Glad You Asked.

Just like we discussed last month with your A/C system, your plumbing will give you signs outside the obvious indicators that things aren’t right. But when your toilet overflows and floods the bathroom, you’ll wish you would have known what to look for. To start, it’s important to know that many common piping, faucet and drain issues result from build-up. Over time, this build-up can start showing itself in ways other than the clearly noticeable clog. Here are four signs (other than clogs) you need a professional to come out and clear your drains.

1. Strange Odors – Don’t blame it on the dog.
Have you ever walked into your kitchen and immediately had your attention – and your nose – move to the sink? What is that smell? When your drain is stopped or slowing, your house is susceptible to awful odors and smells that arise from your sewage system. These odors can be sewer gases or waste sitting in your drain – and an indication that you might have worse issues to deal with such as dangerous particles in the air. Before you hire a professional, go through a checklist to try eliminating the smell. Start by flushing, rinsing and using drain cleaner for all your relevant appliances. If the smell you started with continues, it’s a good idea to hire a drain cleaning company to solve your problem.

Bad Smell

2. Strange Sounds – Gurgle, Gurgle.
Did you hear that? Strange noises don’t always faze you, but a gurgling noise coming from the toilet or a drain should be a signal for you to take action before things get worse. The noise often stems from an issue with air in your drain.

Sink Drain

3. Low Water Pressure – Drip, Drip.
Not all drain obstructions occur in exit pipes. You may also notice issues with source points, including your showerheads or sink faucets. These obstructions often consist of natural buildup, such as hard water minerals. If you notice a distinct drop in water pressure that affects only one appliance or water source, a clog is likely blocking a portion of that piping.

Sink Faucet

4. Slow Flow – Like the Sand in an Hourglass…
Before a drain becomes blocked entirely, you may notice a difference in how water flows through it. If you find water pooling around your feet when you shower, you likely have an obstruction in that drain. Hair, grease, soap and other foreign objects can often create clogs that build up over time, making your drains slow. As with fully blocked drains, you may have some luck removing visible clogs to speed up how fast an appliance, sink or bathtub drains. However, most pipe blockages leave debris and residue which you can only remove via professional drain cleaning. Don’t assume it’ll get better — it’s best to get your drains cleaned immediately.


The Badger Bottom Line

No one likes clogs. While blocked drains are an obvious sign that professional plumbing assistance may be needed, there are other noticeable indicators to let you know that a drain clearing is necessary. If you notice any combination of the four signs listed above, have an expert plumber inspect your pipes. Leaving these issues unaddressed can lead to serious plumbing emergencies, including flooding and backflow. Schedule service today to keep your system running smoothly. Remember, while plumbing issues are often a messy ordeal, it’s our job to clean it up, fix it, and let you take the reliability of your plumbing system for granted.

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